What is the Rochester Alumni Exchange?

The Rochester Alumni Exchange (RAX) is a suite of online services that allows alumni to:

  • Stay connected with Rochester Friends
  • Create and customize your own profile page
  • Register for Rochester events in your region
  • Stay up to date with your classmates with Class Notes
  • Network with alumni in your geographic area or profession

What does it mean if I see Rocky on a profile page? 

If you see Rocky on a profile page, this indicates a registered member of RAX.

What is iModules?

The University of Rochester works with a third-party platform, iModules Software, to provide the Rochester Alumni Exchange (RAX) to the 100,000+ Rochester alumni around the globe. iModules is the leading online Constituent Engagement Management provider for educational institutions.

What is new about the Alumni Directory?

View your directory listing and use the update feature to submit any address, business, or academic changes. This is an easy way to provide University of Rochester fellow alumni, with current personal information and professional or academic accomplishments. Some of the new features this directory offers include:

  • Mobile Friendliness - With responsive web design, all of the content in the directory will scale to fit perfectly on any device.
  • Enhanced Login Capabilities - You can now connect your RAX account and use your login from LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and more.

I have my unique ID number, how do I join?

Joining RAX is easy! Just follow these four easy steps:

  1. Click on GET STARTED on the homepage to claim your account.
  2. Search: enter your first and last name and click “find.” Select your name from the list.
  3. Enter your unique constituent ID number (provided by the Office of Alumni Relations) and click “verify.”
  4. Go to rax.rochester.edu and click the “Log In” button.

I don’t have my unique ID number. How do I log into RAX?

Request your unique ID number by emailing alumni@rochester.edu with your name (include maiden and former names), class year, school and address. Once you receive your ID number you will be able to create your account by clicking on GET STARTED.

I’m still unable to access the Rochester Alumni Exchange. How do I get more help?

Please e-mail your full current name, your full name at graduation, and your class year and school to alumni@rochester.edu or call 877.MELIORA (877.635.4672).

How can I find fellow Rochester alumni?

You can perform either a simple search or an advanced search using one or all of the search fields provided. The more information you enter, the more refined a search you perform.

From the menu, you can perform a variety of searches using these options:

  • Alphabetical: Search by last name, first name, and birth/maiden name
  • Academic: Search by school, major, degree, and class year
  • Geographical: Search by home city, home state, and home country
  • Business Related: Search by employer name, business city, business state, business country, and job title

I found a classmate, but there is no contact information displayed?

If some or all of that information is not visible, then the individual has chosen to hide it and not have it displayed.

How do I let the University know that my address or other information has changed?

The Rochester Alumni Exchange contains your information in the official University of Rochester alumni database. The easiest way to update your information is to edit your personal profile. This is an easy way to provide Rochester and your fellow alumni with current personal information and professional or academic accomplishments. You can also change or update any of that information in two other ways: complete our online alumni update form or e-mail alumni@rochester.edu or call 877.MELIORA (877.635.4672).

What is the Rochester Career Advisor Network?

Part of the suite of services provided by the Rochester Alumni Exchange, the Rochester Career Advisor Network (RCAN) is an informational/networking tool for use by students and alumni seeking guidance as they explore career options. RCAN allows alumni or students to find and connect with volunteer alumni advisors to seek advice and insight into a particular career or career-related interest. You can search RCAN by profession, organization, or region to find alumni from all schools of the University, in a wide range of industries and specialties worldwide.

Can anyone access the Rochester Alumni Exchange?

No, access to the Rochester Alumni Exchange is limited to University graduates. However, all University of Rochester alumni are displayed in the Alumni Directory and are able to access their own profile to add information, update current information, and/or add a photo. Click on the "My Profile" page while logged into RAX to reach your information.

Please note: Graduating students will not appear in RAX until their records are converted from "student" to "alumnus/alumna." This happens after official graduation confirmation has been received, typically 6-8 weeks after commencement. As full access to RAX becomes available, the Office of Alumni Relations will contact graduating students with registration instructions and their unique ID numbers.

I’m concerned about having my personal information available on RAX. Is the site secure?

The privacy of your personal information is our top priority. We work with a third-party platform, iModules Software, to ensure that your personal information is secure. Areas of the Web site containing private information are located on a separate, secure server utilizing TLS encryption.

Also, any areas of the site containing private information can be accessed only by members of the Rochester Alumni Exchange (RAX) via a password-protected login. Only you can access and update your personal information, and only members of RAX can view Alumni Directory information. Through the "Hide Information" option, you can limit what information appears to other alumni in the online directory.

What if I do not want my information displayed?

From the "My Profile" page, choose the “Hide/Show” in your profile link. You can choose to hide your entire profile or specific parts of it. Please note that these changes will only block information from being displayed on Rochester Alumni Exchange and will not permanently delete this information from the official alumni records at the University of Rochester.

How can I sign in with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Gmail?

An application called iModules Connect allows users to log into the Rochester Alumni Exchange with their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail, or Open ID accounts. In order to take advantage of this feature, you must first perform a one-time link between your favorite social media account and your RAX account.

Is iModules Connect secure?
Yes! All logins with the third party credentials will be done via TLS, so login security is greatly increased.

How do I initially sign in using iModules Connect?

  1. If it’s your first time logging into the Rochester Alumni Exchange, you will need to activate your RAX account using your first time login option.
  2. Once you have an active RAX account, make sure you are logged out before proceeding with the short process of connecting your RAX account to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail, or Open ID account.
  3. On the Rochester Alumni Exchange Login page, click the icon for the social media account that you’d like to link to your RAX account.
  4. A pop-up will appear on your screen (if it does not, you may need to enable pop-ups in your browser). Enter the email address and password associated with your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail, or Open ID account. Click the Sign in button.
  5. You will be redirected back to the RAX Login, and a message will instruct you log into the community to connect the accounts.
  6. You’re connected! The next time you log into RAX, you can login directly with your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail, or Open ID account.

What if I’m automatically logged into Rochester Alumni Exchange because I checked the “remember my password” box?
No problem. Log out of the community by clicking “logout” in the main navigation menu. Then, activate iModules Connect via the login page.

How do I sign in on subsequent visits to the Rochester Alumni Exchange?
When you return to the site and wish to access the Rochester Alumni Exchange, simply visit the login page and click the icon for the social media account that you’ve connected to your RAX account. Sign into that account, and you’re logged into the Rochester Alumni Exchange!

After I establish the connection, will I be connected to my LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail, or Open ID accounts if I log in with my Rochester Alumni Exchange username and password?
No. In order to use the iModules Connect functionality, you must log into RAX via the social media icon.

Other questions about the Rochester Alumni Exchange?

Do you have any other questions or comments regarding RAX? Please email us at alumni@rochester.edu.